Marketing is one of the most important elements of the sales and distribution process, it ensures that the products return to the customers. It is the type of customer and not the job that makes the difference between the salesperson and other customers, the difference is that the salesperson sells to stop the buyers. Marketers try to make consumers happy by ensuring that the product is available at the right price, in the right place, at the right time.

Retailers play an important role between manufacturers, retailers, suppliers and consumers. Marketers perform three main functions: sourcing and buying, marketing and selling. They also perform other support activities such as grading and packing, risk taking, transportation and security services.

Some elements of the retail space have a more direct and immediate impact than others
Storage area-

Store location is the retailer's most expensive and long-term marketing mix decision. Just like bad pricing or bad promotion decisions, a bad store location also affects a retailer's performance for years. The seller chooses to position himself closer to the buyer, which exposes him to competition from other sellers who also want to be closer to the buyer. Therefore, from a retailer's point of view, proximity to consumers means proximity to other stores. A retailer can decide where their store is based on the customers and how they want to access the store.


Retailers have responded by positioning themselves as large, value or luxury players and niche players by moving to the ends of the spectrum. Young companies that focus on one niche or market share limit their exposure to other areas. From the point of view of identity and identity, it helps to define in the mind of the consumer what he can expect from the store.

Layout, design and visual merchandising of the store-

Design, branding and identity areas are the main elements of the design that guides customers through the store. Friendly store layout helps the customer to find the product in the store. A retailer can increase sales per square foot of retail space allocated to a store if the retail store layout is properly designed. Retailers will have the option to choose the store layout used when creating a store.


Cost is another controllable variable when it comes to deciding on a business plan. This is important in situations where organized salespeople offer similar products and target specific audiences.

Objectives and business processes

Instead of focusing on a single product and marketing program in the marketplace, Stalwartsoft identifies relatively niche segments and thus creates customized products and marketing programs that suit the interests of each segment. However, we must also know that not all aspects represent such opportunities for our company. The following methods provide useful values:

Create criteria to measure the quality of the market and the strength of the company.

Analyze market attractiveness and business strengths to determine their importance.

Check the current status of each potential component and component.

Project the future status of each market segment based on the environment, customers, and expected competitive trends.

Check the value of the part.

Analyze the consequences of possible future changes to the plan and requirements.

Targeted marketing efforts

Stalwartsoft understands that it cannot serve all segments of the market well, but must focus its marketing efforts. Target marketing is defined as the identification of market segments that are identified as potential buyers of our company's products. Specifically, the benefits of target marketing are:

1. Able to carefully analyze and identify business opportunities and unfilled "gaps" in the market.

2. Market and product appeal by adapting marketing strategies can be tailored to the needs of potential customers.

3. Marketing efforts can focus on the market sector that offers the greatest potential for business to achieve its goals, whether these are goals to increase profits or ensure the best conditions for a long time for a product or other suitable item.

Part of the division

Marketing is a complex thing that can be divided in different ways. It is important to find the right segmentation strategy that will enable targeted marketing, product planning, and creating an effective marketing plan and program. Segmentation variables are the characteristics of individuals, groups, or groups of sellers that are used to divide and create segments of the total market. Descriptors of division fall into four broad categories and include geographic variation, demographic variation, behavioral variation, and behavioral variation.

The local exchange model focuses on the location of the customers.

Numerical numbers identify target customers.

Change of mind refers to life and values.

Behavioral variables determine the value consumers seek and the rate of product usage.

Organizational planning for business activities

Before creating a layout, five strategic points should be kept in mind:

1. Store high-traffic items on the outside of the store.

2. Famous places are used to store high quality, high quality products.

3. Use an end cap to increase the exposure rate of the product. An end cap is the end part of a shelf or aisle.

4. The information of Stalwartsoft can be delivered by properly selecting and organizing the section that describes the work of Stalwartsoft.

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