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Your oil and gas business needs to be flexible and responsive to business and technology changes, as well as unexpected events. Digital-first businesses are planning and operating efficiently and with better visibility into business areas and business environments. Stalwartsoft works with the oil, gas, petrochemical and petroleum industries to build a responsive enterprise that understands and embraces radical change. The work on the surface increases the discovery of hydrocarbons and increases the drilling activity. The central service provides a forecast when the pipeline network is operating efficiently. Downhill operations highlight the ever-changing "last mile." Stalwartsoft helps oil and gas companies navigate the complex landscape and become flexible with the Live Enterprise Framework -

Accelerate cloud migration - Stalwartsoft helps oil and gas companies migrate infrastructure, data, and legacy applications to the cloud. Our cloud environment enables maximum uptime and high performance throughout the oil and gas industry.

Ensure consistent IT performance - Stalwartsoft takes a data-driven approach to achieve optimal performance. Noah Consulting, our data and power consulting firm, combines domain expertise with proven methodologies to generate business insights from big data. We protect oil and gas assets using comprehensive cybersecurity solutions and alarm systems based on absence

Create flexible business processes - Stalwartsoft creates relationships and streamlines work processes within and between upstream, midstream and downstream operations of the oil and gas industry

Enable remote learning at scale - Stalwartsoft is transforming the oil and gas business into a digital workplace with Wingspan, our first mobile learning platform in the cloud. It provides customized training for digital users, including geoscientists, geologists, reservoir engineers, well and drilling operators, and quality control professionals.

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A change in energy causes change

For the energy industry, the energy transition is about combining the transition to renewable energy and clean energy and the transition to greener services, making production and distribution flexible and changing paradigms such as renewable energy and carbon monitoring. Stalwartsoft accelerates this change by supporting companies with the necessary technologies to enable new capabilities, discover new opportunities and open new ways of doing business

Oil and gas companies are looking at different scenarios post-pandemic

The consensus among Stalwartsoft customers is that cash flows will continue for the next 18-24 months. During this time, the energy company will focus on fixing its cost structure (inventive or irrational), reduce expenses and reduce the impact of its employees. This slowdown raises important questions for business leaders, especially in terms of innovation and digital transformation. After decades of slow growth, the industry started to take off after the oil price crash of 2015-16. Leaders will then decide whether to continue these efforts or suspend them.

The answer is not simple, and there are more factors to consider than COVID-19 or even the lack of a current name in search. The company takes three different paths, which are guided by the politics of different countries and regions. These represent structural changes from different perspectives on how countries, major players and each country's oil industry see the future of energy. Industrial change and digital transformation will continue for many companies in these difficult economic times, only in different ways with different visions, goals and requirements. Three ways of representing the oil industry:

Oil and gas companies in the United States, Russia and OPEC. Oil and gas industry in Europe. The energy ecosystem is expanding in China, India and the rest of the world. Track 1 — Fuel Generator> Although surprising to some, the United States, Russia and OPEC are following similar paths. They are all fuel-driven, conservative, and internally focused nations (at least in the short term) with leaders known for their strong publics. Super majors, national oil companies and independent producers will focus on innovation and digital transformation to reduce their costs to produce a barrel of oil or a cubic foot of gas. They will find efficiency by increasing production in the steel area, drilling itself in shale processing, reducing the cost of shale extraction, raising the yield on the coast and increasing the refining and margin. Concerned about price volatility, some of these companies have expanded into energy markets and risk management after ignoring these options for decades. 1-way companies will often need to choose oil services, information technology and digital partners that can accelerate these changes. Given the lack of immediate funding, companies will seek personal financial planning and solutions from their partners. These oil and gas companies have a lot to lose, because of their size and their position in the industry and the global economy. They will try to improve their bottom line while maintaining the top line.

Track 2 — fossil fuels + renewables

Driven by BP, Shell, Total, Equinor and Eni, the European Union has committed to the future of renewable energy and alternative energy. Their independent nature, climate change concerns and human leaders make their decisions. Innovation and digital transformation will focus on the net-zero carbon future, promoting renewable resources, carbon capture and storage, low carbon energy, sustainability and working adjacencies (creating new non-carbon businesses). Oil, IT and digital managers need to create new offerings tailored to other ways.

These countries and companies are taking a particularly soft approach. They will pay for this change with the company's income they are trying to reduce. This risks creating a financial crisis just when investment is needed. These groups usually give themselves a 30-year window to complete their transition, so there may be time to figure out how to work through the cost and sewer system. But if some of these countries and their citizens adopt a more conservative mindset, they could be caught in an economic no-man's land: stuck between fossil fuels and - does not exist now and the future cannot be changed.

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