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As the world economy is becoming more knowledge- and skill-based, education. Companies are moving from traditional teaching methods to customized methods which promote real-time, personalized learning and adaptability. Epidemics have become one of the biggest and fastest-growing disruptions in the industry. Online learning has become possible, accessible, attractive and effective. Companies around the world need to take advantage of innovative technology to rethink their learning and service value systems, change the way they teach, and create a talent pipeline for the future.

We live in a changing world full of uncertainty and chaos. In addition, the growth of digital technology is pushing companies in all sectors to review their business and their work plans. The education sector is no different. We are seeing a revolution in the way education is delivered. Reading schools and communities of students are ready to break away from traditional classroom teaching and try new ways of giving and receiving books.

Today, the focus is on personalized learning, anytime, anywhere, made possible by the use of modern technology. Realizing the need of the hour, Stalwartsoft has invested heavily in new learning opportunities and is leading digital transformation in many educational institutions around the world. By supporting different areas - from creating new business models such as digital universities, to academic consulting, school management, digital content creation and studies with our industry partners - help us make education more accessible, expensiveand inclusive.

How Stalwartsoft helps Educators
Digital Commerce
Digital University

Encourage educational institutions to adopt and establish any time, any place, any learning tool with the aim of improving the experience of students and stakeholders.

Increase income and raise prices

Improve student enrollment and retention; digitally change the signal system

Digital security

Maintaining a cyber security system enables organizations to be cyber resilient

Learning to think

An immersive learning experience through playful learning

brand management and recognition

TCS Assessment as a Service
Provide a seamless and secure browsing experience
A challenge

Disruption in the market in the education sector has prompted companies to promote digital transformation strategies. This has led to the creation of new types of digital services and the need to rethink and streamline the research process. There is no understanding that the current evaluation process requires strict security standards to ensure the integrity of the evaluation process.

The increasing cost of software and the process of creating and distributing time-consuming and insecure questions put additional pressure on companies to maintain access to the integrity of the research process. his wholeness.

Solutions by Stalwartsoft

Stalwartsoft Assessment as a Service is a digital assessment system that helps deliver an unparalleled assessment experience. With multiple authentication and encryption mechanisms built into the data and content security infrastructure, the solution prevents any security breach and allows access to the solution's management control only. This reduces security risks by eliminating attacks. The solution provides the following:

● Self-Assessment: Support candidate security features to facilitate digital assessment anytime, anywhere, without the need for a user, even when there is no internet connection. Machine Monitoring: Use the power of AI-ML and real-time analysis to detect any violations and take appropriate action.

● Dual Monitoring:Combine human monitoring with machine monitoring and provide dual security for remote monitoring by ensuring the integrity of the monitoring system. Proven Analysis Platform: Leverage Stalwartsoft to use any of the analysis tools or models with speed and power.


The solution provides the following benefits:

Visual inspection and hidden system results can be downloaded within 24 hours

Fast, accurate and error-free digital measurements with trained testers

Identify and prevent security vulnerabilities using the security scanning option

Support for an unlimited number of simultaneous users

Personal assessment report for learners

Improve faculty and student experience, brand reputation and regulatory compliance

Stalwartsoft Student Login and Registration as a Service

Facilitate a transparent and engaging application process for students and institutions:

A challenge

Educational institutions around the world have been struggling with declining enrollment numbers for the past few years. Although the epidemic of COVID-19 has opened up new opportunities and given us access to good education, existing institutions need to revise their systems and IT systems to reach a global audience and increase student enrollment and population.

Stalwartsoft solutions

Stalwartsoft Student Recruitment and Enrollment as a service helps educational institutions achieve enrollment targets by providing seamless access to students through a multi-channel digital platform and a seamless digital campus.

Stalwartsoft helps:

● Plans and initiatives:making the curriculum more in-depth and engaging through the use of technology, design, build and manage websites, web content management tools and digital media channels to maximize reach and engagement

● Demand Generation:Managing leads and increasing student interest by determining content, channels and partners; Support student or parent counseling through incoming or outgoing calls

● Implementation Process:Facilitate an end-to-end application process for students with helpful and contextual information and provide transparency for students and school staff.


With Stalwartsoft student admissions and enrollment as a service, educational institutions can

Create a complete digital campus and student-centered environment

Use cutting-edge technology to design and plan advertising campaigns and expand the company's presence

Enable continuous engagement of students from start to finish

Simplify and streamline the user experience while reducing registration costs

Branding is like a job
A digital signage solution to issue and review answer booklets
A challenge

Stalwartsoft Marking as a Service is a digital marking system that checks and marks student answer books effectively and efficiently. The solution follows a four-step process of marking the work process for assigning the examiners, analyzing the answer sheets for quality checks, creating reports and analyzes to evaluate the performance, and finally, collecting the marks to publish the results. Distance learning models require an effective benchmarking system to ensure accurate assessment of student progress and ongoing tracking of results. However, the growing demand for re-examination by students and parents requires clarity and precision to strengthen multi-stakeholder collaboration. It is also important to prepare institutions for large enrollment of students, which can increase the workload of teachers and reduce the focus on the development and education of students. Marking physical answer sheets by hand is time-consuming and labor-intensive, requiring security during the entire assessment process, which increases the overall cost. Download the brochure

Stalwartsoft solution

Stalwartsoft Marking as a service enables digital marking of student answer sheets with standardized assessment systems. The solution has a built-in analytics engine that generates reports to track rate performance and charting trends. The three important parts of the solution are:

Fast lead time and timely response. Understanding of the process for all stakeholders, including teachers and students.

Adoption is widespread, as the solution is scalable and can be customized for different languages and topics. Personalized answers with insight based on research.

Reduction in teacher workload with reduced involvement in correctional work.

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