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Marketing is an important part of any business which decides the growth of any company.  Most of the businesses struggle to decide what kind of marketing to proceed with and how to do it. Previously business used to go with traditional marketing but now the trend has changed and the whole marketing era is moving towards digital marketing but still, most of the people prefer to do traditional marketing of their business.

Now before we fell into the discussion lets know about both the terms 

What is traditional marketing?

As the term says traditional which signifies the conventional way of doing any task. The traditional marketing refers to the standard method used to promote product and services in the marketing. It has been used by most of the businesses or you can say all of the businesses since the concept of marketing came into existence.

The best example for this is advertisement you see in your morning newspaper.

There are multiple methods includes in traditional marketing some of them follow as :

•    Newspaper ads “already given above”.

•    Flyers

•    Billboards along the roads.

•    Magazine Ads

•    Radio advertisement

You can say most of the traditional marketing methods depends on printed media or promotion.

So now the question arises “ How these methods help in promotion and building brands?”

The answer is With the traditional marketing you can reach to your local audience without investing much. For example flyers distribution at a specific location.

The advertising material is always with the audience. Customers keep the hardcopy of your promotion

And they can go through it again and again.

Now let's talk about some downsides of Traditional marketing

Target audience: With the traditional marketing methods it is quitter hard to target audience for your business because you don’t know who actually read, saw or reviewed your ad. Also, it is difficult to analyze or maintain a report for the particular advertisement in other words the results are not easily measured.

Cost: Traditional marketing seems very costly when it comes to billboard ads or printed banner ads. Also for some of the ads, it includes monthly subscription with a fixed duration of time.

                                 Now we got some idea about the traditional marketing and its features let know about digital marketing

What is digital marketing?”

The term digital marketing comprises of two words “digital” and “marketing” Which implies when we promote any product and services digitally or via the internet. Digital marketing is a new age marketing method with which businesses are stretching where is the reach of the internet. Internet marketing is getting more and more popular among the businesses nowadays. With this, businesses can deliver content to their customers through personalized and cost-effective communication.

Now the picture of digital marketing is clear enough, let's talk about some of the advantage of digital marketing over traditional marketing

Global reach: People are using internet globally nowadays, which provide strength to the digital marketing. With this, you can also reach to your potential customers beyond your geography and increase your customer base for your product and services.

Cost & Time saving: Unlike traditional marketing methods the digital marketing is quite inexpensive and time-saving prices all it requires is the Internet. You can run and create ads for your business according to your budget and also it gives control to select your targeted audience according to the service you are providing without taking much time.

Data analyses: this is the most important part for any business when it comes to paid advertisement, In digital marketing, you can actually collect customer data for your live ads and also analyses it to improve performance. There are various tools also available in the market to collect the data and work around it.

Easy modification: As compared to traditional marketing online ads are much to modify or tweak. Whenever your ad campaign requires modifications, Online marketing allows the modification without having any trouble with downtime or service interruption.


Conclusion :

In today's world where everyone is influenced by the power of the internet, Digital marketing is leading over the traditional methods. No matter what kind of business you are running the online marketing is definitely is the best way to boost your business and take it to a new height, However you need to adapt the digital marketing skills and knowledge to make your business successful.

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